The 7 Best Spy Video Camera Glasses

There are hundreds of reasons why you would want to wear spy video camera glasses. It could be to record a molester boss, a dishonest coworker or a shoplifter. It could also be to capture a criminal dealing undetectably or an outdoor exploit like a hike or a sports event.

Whatever your reason, you deserve to get the most out of your spy video camera glasses, and it starts with getting the purchase decision right.

Now that so many spy camera sunglass brands are coming up, you should have some buying tips up your sleeve. Below is a simplified buying guide that you’ll find helpful.

What to Look for in Spy Video Camera Glasses

While there are so many considerations for buying the best spy video camera glasses, we consider these 6 to be atop the list:

Quality Build

You must go for a robust construction when buying spy camera video glasses. So, go for impact-resistant and scratch-tough frame materials like carbon fiber and ABS

Recording Time

Your spy video camera glasses should come with long battery life to enable you to shoot continuously. The spy video camera glasses on our list can record for 60 plus minutes, thus significant purchases.


The whole essence of wearing spy video camera glasses is to spy unnoticed. So, look for sunglasses that do not have noticeable lenses. The lenses should be camouflaged to allow you to record images and audio discreetly.

Video and Audio Quality

Both the video and audio need to be crystal clear. The images need to be high definition, and so you should go for 1080p HD or ultra HD glasses. As for the audio, check for the inbuilt microphone and read reviews to ascertain that audio quality is assured.

Storage Capacity

Just like you need extended battery life to record images for long, there should be enough memory to facilitate stress-free storage. So, go for storage capacity of at least 32GB.

Eye Protection

Spy video camera glasses are not a fashion statement. On the contrary, they are a practical spy tool that you may need to wear for long hours. For this reason, they should be eye-safe. So, consider antiglare and polarized lenses.

7 Best Spy Video Camera Glasses

After carefully considering the above pointers, here are seven best spy video cameras:

1. Spectacle Camera Glasses

Spectacle 2 (Nico) Water Resistant Polarized Camera Glasses

Are you looking for spy video camera glasses that allow you to share video recordings effortlessly? Do you want an option that you can use in a wet environment? Then think no further than the Spectacle 2 (Nico) water Resistant Camera Glasses.

Whether you want to share footages on Snapchat, Facebook or anywhere else, you can do it seamlessly with these camera glasses.

Key Features and Specs

The Spectacle 2 Polarized Camera Glasses come with HD quality lenses to help you capture a perfect outdoor world. The glasses are water-resistant, which means they can survive the threats of the rain, snow, and sweat.

Their powerful battery allows you to record about 70 short videos on one charge and you can recharge it on the go.

There is a sync-and-share feature that allows you to pair the glasses with your smartphone to enable you to share your footages hassle-free.

It only takes a press-of-a-button to start recording HD quality footages using the spy video camera glasses.

What’s more, their polarized lenses ensure your eyes are protected when recording undetected, especially in the outdoors.

The Spectacle 2 Polarized Glasses weigh 9.6 ounces and come in fashionable styles like Nico, Ruby, Onyx, and Sapphire.

2. OHO 4K Ultra HD Water Resistance Video Sunglasses

OHO 4K Ultra HD Water Resistance Video Sunglasses

The OHO 4K Ultra HD Water Resistance Video Sunglasses are among the best waterproof spy video camera glasses on the market today, thus a fantastic outdoor pick. You can use them for outdoor activity like skiing or fishing.

The spy video camera glasses come with massive storage, a powerful battery, and eye-protective lenses.

Key Features and Specs

The OHO 4K Ultra HD Video Sunglasses demonstrate water-resistance in all aspects. They can resist the effects of both sweat and raindrops.

The glasses come with impact resistance frames and lenses to withstand the harsh outdoor terrain. Their lenses are also polarized to guarantee eye protection upon wearing.

The battery runtime for the spy video camera glasses is one hour, but you have the option of supercharging it during a recording.

These video sunglasses come with a 64GB storage capacity to allow you to store up to 10 hours of footage.

Plus, the image is ultra HD, thus clear and high quality.

The OHO 4K Ultra HD Video Sunglasses weigh 12 ounces and come in elegant colors like mirror green, mirror silver, and blue.

3. Lawmate PV-EG20CL Covert Hidden Camera Clear Spy Cam Glasses

Lawmate PV-EG20CL Covert Hidden Camera Clear Spy Cam Glasses

Discreet, fashionable, and comfy are the perfect terms to describe the Lawmate PV-EG20CL Covert Hidden Camera Clear Spy Cam Glasses. These spy video glasses feature a powerful mini camera that allows you to take images and audio undetectably and clearly.

You can record continuously for an hour, and interestingly, you can wear the glasses as regular sunglasses and still appear trendy.

Key Features and Specs

Lawmate PV-EG20CL has a simple frame design which makes its high-quality camera virtually invisible.

They have a one-button feature for powering and recording, and every recording has a date and time stamp.

The video recordings are HD 720p quality, and the audio recording is crisp clear.

The hidden DVR camera gives you a 67-degree field of view and features a memory slot that supports up to 32GB storage capacity.

Lawmate PV-EG20CL features a powerful rechargeable lithium battery with a 60-minute runtime.

4. MIOTA Mini Video Glasses Wearable Camera

MIOTA Mini Video Glasses Wearable Camera

If all you want are budget spy camera glasses that you can use for your outdoor exploits, the MIOTA Camera Glasses 1080P Mini Video Glasses Wearable Camera fits the description.

You’ll, however, need to buy an SD card for storing your images as it’s not included. The wearable camera can support up to 32GB storage.

Key Features and Specs

The MIOTA Camera Glasses guarantees a 44-degree view angle, which is just great for outdoor exploits like fishing, mountain climbing, ad hiking.

The images are 1080p HD quality, which is not bad at all for such a budget pick.

Their polarized lenses guarantee eye protection. So, they are also an excellent choice for teachers, kids, and office workers who need to use eye-safe glasses.

The most impressive feature is the battery life. Upon charging, the battery can run for 80 minutes or until the storage capacity (which is 32GB) is full.

The ABS framework of the glasses makes them lightweight and gives them a strong sense.

The MIOTA Camera Glasses weigh 5 ounces and come in ordinary glass color.

5. iVUE Rincon 1080p HD Camera Glasses

iVUE Rincon 1080p HD Camera Glasses

The iVUE Rincon 1080p HD Camera Glasses are among the best for outdoor enthusiasts because of the ability to allow the user to tilt the lenses when recording. The capability makes lets you capture your subject from the best angle possible. These glasses are lightweight, eye-safe, and stylish.

Key Features and Specs

The highlight of the iVUE Rincon 1080p HD Camera Glasses is their tilt-able lenses. You can adjust the camera lens upwards or downwards to take your shot comfortably.

The camera glasses come with two microphones to promote the best audio quality, and their sensor is 8MP-rated to guarantee better images even under low light.

These spy video glasses wirelessly pair with your mobile phone via Wi-Fi connectivity or the iVUE app. As a result, you can transfer your images to your phone hassle-free.

Their lenses are polarized for eye protection and are impact-resistant to suit the tough outdoor terrain.

Moreover, they support up to 128GB expandable memory.

The iVUE Rincon 1080p HD Camera Glasses weigh 52g and come in a sleek dark design.

6. OHO Sunshine Blue Light Blocking Protective Camera Glasses

OHO Sunshine Blue Light Blocking Protective Camera Glasses

These are another top spy video camera glasses from OHO Sunshine. They are specifically built for the outdoors and come with everything to suggest so. Whether it’s ample storage, impact resistance, or UV blockage, these spy glasses have it all. They are also stylish and very discreet.

Key Features and Specs

The OHO Sunshine Video Sunglasses feature blue-light-blocking and anti-eye strain lenses, which means they are safe for your eyes. So, they are a perfect pick for outdoor activities, computer gaming, and reading.

Their lenses are also scratch-resistant, which means you can count on their longevity, and their battery has a 90-minute runtime to record continuously.

These cameras come with a 64GB inbuilt memory, enough to record for 10 hours. The images are ultra-full HD with the audio quality being top-notch.

It generally takes a one-touch to start recording, and you can charge the battery while doing it.

The OHO Sunshine Spy Glasses weigh 1.76 ounces and come in blue and brown colors.

7. Bear Grylls BG-GLS-1 Waterproof Action Camera Glasses

Bear Grylls BG-GLS-1 Waterproof Action Camera Glasses

The Bear Grylls BG-G-GL-S-1 Waterproof Action Camera Glasses are other outdoor-tailored, eye-safe, and impact-resistant spy video camera sunglasses. They come with an extensive kit that includes a USB charging cable, a waterproof carry case, and a safety strap.

Whether you are a sports person, a hiker or a just an adventurous spy, the Bear Grylls BG-G-GL-S-1 suits you.

Key Features and Specs

The Bear Grylls BG-G-GL-S-1 guarantees 1080p HD quality images. They feature a one-touch button that you can press effortlessly to start recording.

The spy video camera glasses have an impact-resistant frame and dustproof and water-resistant lenses. The lenses are also polarized, hence safe for your eyes.

These sunglasses are mount-free when using them to spy without wearing. So, you can place them on any surface to start recording.

The Bear Grylls Sunglasses weigh 2.08 ounces and come in natural black.


Overall, the above spy video cameras are the best. We’ve options to suit every budget and recording need. So, whether you want to record your outdoor exploits or to spy on someone unnoticed, you have the best spy tools on this list.