7 Best Timelapse Cameras for Construction

You probably know time-lapse cameras as the perfect devices for shooting breathtaking documentaries. We’ve seen videographers using them to document the blooming of flowers and the emergence of butterflies from caterpillars.

But did you know that time-lapse cameras are also important in construction? These smart devices help developers and marketers to showcase their construction projects.

What’s more, contractors, project engineers, and stakeholders can share the details of their construction progress conveniently and be able to resolve disputes when they arise.

So, if you are planning to document a construction project, you should consider investing in the best time-lapse camera. Luckily, we’ve researched to enable you to make an easy decision.

What to Look for in a Time-Lapse Construction Camera

Before we can get started with our top construction time-lapse cameras, you should know how to identify the best. Here are six fundamental considerations:

  • High-quality images – A feature like full HD, is an important consideration when buying a time-lapse camera. Its image resolution and clarity should be of high quality. More to it, you should look for a camera with a wider viewing angle to obtain high-quality shots.
  • Wide-angled lens – Generally, the lens contributes to 50% of the overall quality of a time-lapse image. For this reason, the best time-lapse camera should be a wide-angled lens.
  • Maximum storage – Largely, this depends on the maximum capacity of the SD card that a time-lapse camera can accept. If you are planning to get the most out of your camera, consider storages above 64 GB. You’ll not run out of space with such a memory size.
  • Mountability – You should be able to attach your time-lapse camera easily to enable you to shoot flexibly. Luckily, most time-lapse cameras only need a simple mount like a tripod or an elastic strap. That’s the case with most of our selections.
  • Robust housing – The time-lapse camera that you buy should have a weather-defying housing to allow you to use it in the outdoors. It should also resist dust and breakages.
  • Budget-friendly – Time-lapse cameras come in different budgets, and so you can always find the one that suits you. While the most sophisticated options cost more, your decision should solely depend on need.

7 Best Construction Cameras

If you are looking to buy the best construction time-lapse camera today, we recommend the following 7:

1. BRINNO BCC2000 Time-lapse Camera

BRINNO BCC2000 Time-lapse Camera

The BRINNO BCC2000 Time-lapse Camera is the perfect embodiment of power, flexibility, and versatility. Its images are unmatched, and you get everything in full HD.

Plus, the resolution is spectacular, and the HDR (High Dynamic Range) is way ahead of the rest.

Key features and specs

Whether it’s under low light or intense light, BRINNO BCC2000 guarantees high-quality panoramic images. Its interchangeable lenses to ensure the lapse images are of high quality.

The camera features a robust housing to protect it against rainwater and other weather agents. There is also a waterproof case to enhance its watertight qualities.

BRINNO BCC 2000 features an adjustable clamp that makes the mounting effortless.

It comes with a 128 GB SD card to ensure that you don’t run out of storage memory. Plus, it allows you to schedule your recordings using the schedule set-up feature and comes with one-year battery life.

BRINNO BCC2000 weighs 8 pounds, measures 11 by 11 by 11 inches, and comes packed with two AA batteries, ready for use. It comes as a two-pack.

2. BRINNO Empower TLC2000 Time-lapse Camera

BRINNO Empower TLC2000 Time-lapse Camera

The Empower TLC2000 is another professional-grade time-lapse camera from BRINNO. It’s built for the rugged outdoor and promises high-quality full HD images irrespective of the light condition. The camera allows you to transfer your images to an SD card effortlessly and assures of power-saving capabilities.

Key features and specs

The BRINNO Empowers TLC2000 Time-lapse Camera features a weather-resistance housing, which makes it perfect for the outdoors.

The time-lapse camera allows you to schedule when to take your shots through the schedule set-up feature.

The images are of utmost quality as you take them in full HD and HDR. It features a zoom-in lens and a 2-inch LCD screen, which ensures you take precise, high-quality time-lapse shots.

The camera comes with a long-lasting battery that’s great for long term construction projects.

BRINNO Empower TLC2000 weighs 1.6 pounds and measures 10.2 by 7.0 by 4.5 inches. It’s available in stylish black and light black options and comes with a one-year limited warranty.

3. BRINNO TLC200 HDR Time-lapse Video Camera

BRINNO TLC200 HDR Time-lapse Video Camera

If you are looking for a lapse video camera that you can use in a big construction project and be guaranteed stunning HDR images; The BRINNO TLC200 HDR Time-lapse Video Camera is a worthy pick.

Key features and specs

BRINNO TLC200 features powerful HDR sensors that ensure you obtain a dynamic image range when shooting under extreme light or darkness. The camera’s authoritative sensors ensure the image quality is not affected by light intensity or variation.

It takes a push-of-a-button to produce ready-to-view construction images using BRINNO TLC 200.

Though the camera is easy to operate, it’s quite powerful. Its preview screen enables you to set precise scene frames and subject targeting.

The camera features a USB connector, an SD card slot, a strap eyelet, and an LED indicator, as well as an LED display and a time button.

BRINNO TLC200 weighs 0.75 pounds and measures 4.2 by 2.5 by 1.8 inches. It’s available in black and comes with a 1-year warranty.

4. BRINNO BCC200 Time-lapse Camera

BRINNO BCC200 Time-lapse Camera

Are you searching for a time-lapse camera that can go for long without charge and one with superior capture quality? Then the BRINNO BCC200 Time-lapse Camera fits the description. The camera can run on AA batteries for a straight 80 days. As a result, it’s an excellent choice for extended construction time-lapse videos.

Key features and specs

BRINNO BCC200 comes with easy-to-use functions to make it easy to start capturing time-lapse construction videos.

The camera features a powerful 1.3MP sensor that guarantees stunning HDR quality images and enjoys a broader field of view to guarantee panoramic images.

It has an interchangeable mount that lets you take still images and stop-motion effortlessly.

BRINNO has included a weather-defying housing and case to make this camera an excellent choice for the outdoors.

BRINNO BCC200 weighs 1.3 pounds and measures 10.5 by 7.0 by 3 inches. It comes with 4 AA batteries, two bungee straps, an 8GB SD card, and an industrial-grade clamp.

5. BRINNO BCC100 Time-lapse Camera

BRINNO BCC100 Time-lapse Camera

If you are planning to take time-lapse images more regularly, you’ll do yourself a big favor if you buy the BRINNO BCC100 Time-lapse Camera. It’s one of the best performers in construction videography and photography. Overall, BRINNO BCC100 out-performs traditional construction cameras in speed, image quality, and battery life.

Key features and specs

BRINNO BCC100 comes with four outstanding AA batteries that can last for about four months. The long battery life ensures you capture ready-to-view images on demand.

BRINNO BCC100 enjoys unmatched image quality. It allows you to shoot high-quality images under low light, and you can do it with a 1400 panoramic view.

And when it comes to the construction, BRINNO BCC100 has a weather-defying housing. It can resist water and heat damage, thus great for the outdoor.

BRINNO BCC100 weighs 1.52 pounds and measures 10.4 by 2.7 by 6.7 inches. It’s wire-free and tool-free, thus easy to set-up and comes with a 1-year satisfaction warranty.

6. BRINNO TLC130 Time-lapse and Step Video HD Camera

BRINNO TLC130 Time-lapse and Step Video HD Camera

The BRINNO TLC130 Time-lapse & Step Video HD Camera comes in a compact design and promises both speed and power. It’s generally the top adventure pick.

Key features and specs

BRINNO TLC130 gives you video scheduling flexibility to allow you to pick the intervals that you would want to capture your construction project.

Each video captured is ready for viewing, and so you don’t have to think about post-editing.

It’s Bluetooth-enabled, and Wi-Fi-connected to allow you to share and upload your capture seamlessly.  You can also use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect to the camera’s fun app that allows you to customize your time-lapse images.

Moreover, the camera features a water-resistant housing and has a 16-day battery runtime.

BRINNO TLC 130 weighs 2.6 ounces and measures 2.0 by 1.0 by 2.0 inches.  A mount and a fast-release adapter are included in the purchase.

7. BRINNO ATH2000 Outdoor Camera

Brinno ATH2000 Outdoor Camera

We conclude our top 7 list with another premium quality construction time-lapse camera from BRINNO.

The BRINNO ATH2000 Outdoor Camera Housing Unit is an all-weather time-lapse camera. It doesn’t matter if it’s snowing, rainy or scorching hot as the camera features a weather-defying housing to ensure you work worry-free.

Key features and specs

BRINNO ATH2000 features a weather-resistant housing that protects it against the harsh winter and summer weather.

Its powerful battery allows it to run up to 300 days, with also the possibility of adding external batteries.

Two hooked elastic cords and a tripod are included to make the mounting easy.

The exciting feature, however, is the solar panel that charges the camera battery on the go. There is also a USB connector to allow image transfer and eyelets to allow you to lock and secure the camera.

BRINNO ATH2000 weighs 1 pound and measures 6.6 by 6.1 by 4.5 inches. It comes with exchangeable lens cases to offer protection to the lens, and a battery slot (that accommodates up to 16 AA batteries).


Photography and videography are only more natural and more convenient in the construction sector because of the availability of time-lapse cameras. So, if you are a construction engineer, a contractor, a developer, or construction marketers, you should consider investing in any of the above cameras. They’ll make your job easier and fun.