How to Fix Hey Siri Not Working Issue On iPhone 11/11 Pro Max

Wondering how to fix Hey Siri not working issue on iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max? You have quite a few tricks up your sleeve to try. Don’t worry! None of the methods mentioned below will destroy your iPhone or leave it bricked. These are usual techniques that often resolve the issue with Hey Siri malfunction. So, dig in!

1. Ensure Hey Siri is turned on

Yes, the solution may be that simple! You may not even realize but Hey Siri might be turned off. To turn it on, follow the path and then the steps:

Settings >> Siri & Search.

Once you get the options for Siri & Search, make sure that you turn on the following options:

  • Hey Siri
  • Press Home for Siri
  • Press Side Button for Siri

You don’t see Siri & Search option under settings? Maybe Siri isn’t available in your country at all. Just check to make sure!

2. Force restart your iPhone

Force restart simulates the function of battery removal, which in turn helps to refresh the memory of the phone. Once this is done, all apps reload including Siri.

Here are the steps for force restarting your iPhone:

  • Press and release the Volume Up button.
  • Press and release the Volume Down button.
  • Press and hold the Side/Power button until the Apple logo appears.
  • Release the Side/Power button and wait for your iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max to restart.

Force restart will remove any minor firmware glitch and Siri should work fine if such a glitch was causing a problem.

3. Check the Internet connection and refresh it

If you are asking Siri to do something that requires Internet connectivity, a faulty connection can prevent Hey Siri from working perfectly. Make sure that the connection is not lost and then refresh the connection. How do you do that? Here are the steps:

  • In case of Wi-Fi, turn off the Wi-Fi service and wait a few seconds and then enable it again.
  • Fire up the web browser on your phone and try to access anything on the Internet. If there is a connection and you get results on your web browser, Siri should now work fine. Try Hey Siri again.
  • In the case of cellular data, disable it and wait for 30 seconds before re-enabling the cellular data.
  • Check whether you can access the Internet (use a browser). If you can, you should now be able to use Siri. If you can’t access the Internet, make sure you have enough credit (in case of a prepaid connection), or your account has a good standing (in case of post-paid connection).

If nothing works, go to Settings >> General >> Reset >> Reset Network Settings. This will reset your network settings and eliminate any network settings glitch on the phone. Siri should now work fine.

4. Check voice feedback feature

Use the following path to ensure that the voice feedback mechanism on your phone is active:

Settings >> Siri & Search >> Voice Feedback.

Once on voice feedback settings screen, you can change how Siri responds.

5. Toggle the dictation process

Apple devices sometimes seem to have some bug in the dictation process. This can create a problem for Siri. You can quickly fix this by toggling off and then toggling on the dictation process and Siri should work find. To achieve this, follow the path:

Settings >> General >> Keyboard >> Dictation.

Toggle it off and then turn it on. Now check whether Siri is working or not.

6. Restart Siri

Sometimes, Siri will not work simply because the requisite permissions have been disabled by mistake. Restarting Siri will usually solve the problem. To do that, follow the path below:

Settings >> General >> Siri & Search >> Listen for ‘Hey Siri’ (turn on the option) >> Enable Siri (in the pop up).

This should do the trick.

7. Update iOS (if available)

A simple iOS update (if an update is available) can get rid of the simple bugs that can haunt you. To see whether there is any update available or not, follow this path:

Settings >> General >> Software Update (wait to see if there are any updates) >> Download and Install (if you see any update).


So, did any of these methods work for you? Let us know through the comments section.