How to Fix iPhone 11/11 Pro Max Battery Health Drop Issue

So, you have the iPhone 11 or 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max and you are witnessing the battery health dropping below 100% within a few days of usage! That hurts and makes you worried. After all, you did pay a high price for this coveted gadget!

Just like others, you too, are asking the same question – how to fix battery health drop issue on iPhone 11 series?

We have a few tips for you – 10 to be precise! Let’s find out what you can do!

1. Say no to extreme temperatures

iPhone 11 series (as a matter of fact, all iPhones) should stay within the temperature range of 16°C to 22°C. This is the comfort zone. If the phone goes in temperature beyond 35°C, the battery capacity can be permanently damaged. If your phone is in an environment that is too cold, the battery life will decrease but luckily, it is temporary.

2. Don’t charge with the case on

Certain iPhone cases will trap heat, especially when charging the phone with the case on. Excess heat can permanently damage your phone’s battery’s lifespan. So, be on a safe side and always take off the case while charging.

3. Keep iOS updated

Software updates are meant to improve the overall performance of the phone, including battery life. So, make sure that you periodically check for updates and if you see one, make sure to download and install it.

4. Switch to the dark mode

If you have an iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max, turn on the dark mode using Settings >> Display & Brightness >> Appearance. iPhone 11 doesn’t have OLED display and hence, no dark mode, which works only with iPhones having OLED display. Dark mode reduces strain on the battery and prevents a dramatic drop in battery life.

5. Kill Vibration

Settings >> Sounds & Haptics >> Vibrate. Did you toggle on both the options? Turn off both. There is no point in having your iPhone rattling around. You can use any of the many annoying jingles to prove your phone is crazy. You don’t need the battery-killer vibrations to prove your point.

6. Get rid of eye candies

Seriously? Parallax effects and dynamic wallpapers? They drain battery! While they do look brilliant, turning them off won’t kill your iPhone’s functional prowess. Turning of eye candies can not only give you the much-needed extra minutes but also improve your battery health in the long run. Do these two things:

  • Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a new Wallpaper (and switch to static).
  • Settings > Accessibility > Motion (enable Reduce Motion).

7. Enable optimized battery charging

Starting from iOS 13, Apple rolled out a feature called “Optimized Battery Charging” which allows your iPhone to learn your charging habits and then optimize the way the battery is charged. This helps to increase the total battery life by maintaining battery health. Turn it on through Settings >> Battery >> Battery Health >> Turn on optimized battery charging.

8. Turn off automatic upload to iCloud

You don’t need to backup everything on iCloud. For example, what is the need for your Safari bookmarks on your iPhone? iCloud consumes not only data but also drains the battery. Unfortunately, auto-upload to iCloud happens in the background. Just turn it off by using this path: Settings >> Apple ID >> iCloud >> Photos.

9. The mail fetch issue

It may look benign, but when your email app constantly looks for emails in the background, your iPhone’s battery takes a hit. Just ensure that mail fetch takes place only when your phone is connected to a charger or when it is on Wi-Fi. You can also change the fetch frequency to hourly or 30 minutes. Follow this path: Settings >> Passwords & Accounts >> Fetch New Data >> Choose mail account >> Choose Fetch.

10. Screen brightness and auto-lock

Reduce the screen brightness of your iPhone by visiting Settings >> Display & Brightness. This will not only save your battery life but will also protect your eyes. Another thing you can do is to set auto-lock to 30 seconds. The faster your screen phone’s screen is locked, the more battery juice it saves. To alter the auto-lock time, use this path: Settings >> Display & Brightness >> Auto-Lock.


All of the above methods together can fix the battery health drop issue on iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max. Try them and let us know whether they worked or not!