How to enable and use Dark mode on Samsung Galaxy M51

Dark mode is a feature you can enable to change the background theme of the system UI. It changes white background into black and black text into white and offers a more comfortable visual experience at night.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to enable and use Dark mode on your Samsung Galaxy M51. Read on.

Enabling Dark mode on Samsung Galaxy M51

  • Go to Settings
  • Then tap on Display. Here, you will see Light and Dark mode options at the top
  • Choose Dark to apply dark mode on your device

Customizing Dark mode settings on Samsung Galaxy M51

You can further perform customization to change the behavior of the dark mode. To do so, click on Dark mode settings and then tap the Turn on as scheduled and choose from the following options.

  • Sunset to sunrise: Turn on Dark mode automatically in the evening and turn off in the morning.
  • Custom schedule: Turn on dark mode at scheduled time. Tap Start time to set start time and tapĀ End time to set end time.

You can also adjust other settings such as apply Dark mode to wallpaper or enable Adaptive color filter to turn on the Blue light filter automatically between sunset and sunrise to reduce eye strain.